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The QSDCA Playing Regulations Review of 2018 has a blog site
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The QSDCA Playing regulations were rewritten in 2015/2016 and reviewed in 2017.

A set of Playing regulations for Sunday 50 Over Competition was developed in 2017.
A minor review of the Super 20 Kookaburra Cup Playing Regulations was also completed in 2017.

Good work is never rewarded by slacking off so... this blog is to discuss ideas.

Below is an introductory list of QSDCA Playing Regs to be considered for review in 2018
The aim is to present the reviewed regulations for adoption at the AGM in July 2018.

Just because some matter is being talked about here doesn't mean it's inevitable.
Just because we're not talking about it doesn't mean it can't happen either.

So... these are the current regulations.

Click on this link to see the 2017/18 QSDCA Playing Regulations for all competitions 
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Some issues under consideration.

* 12.30pm start for all Saturday games, all season
* Casual Replacements for players who suffer serious injuries after the start of play.
* Super bonus point for One day games in which a result is achieved quickly
* Even out points received for first innings and outright wins
* Makeup time for time lost on day 1.
* Forfeits.
* Align numbering in Super 20, Sunday 50, Saturday Regulations.

Click here to go to the Index of Regulations under consideration for update. 
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Do you have any that you would like to see discussed?
Please feel free to join in the discussion.

There will be a page of this blog dedicated to each of these issues. Click on links to read 'em. On every page readers may make any comment or suggestion they wish.

Such comments are subject to moderation (which means I can control any irrelevant stuff).

ABM, 12-Feb-2018
(Reviewed 16-Feb-2018)
(Revised 4-Mar-2018)

Comments below please. (Subject to moderation.)
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  1. Here's some more:
    * There's a new Head Trauma Procedure Appendix (as distributed for the Feb Delegates meeting.)
    * Something may need a tweak with the Team shirt regs... maybe to specify some steps to get them approved (e.g. make it clear that clubs must submit a prior photo/application to the Man-Com) and maybe deduct points when players don't wear 'em... or when players wear unapproved shirts.
    * It was suggested at a recent umpires' meeting that square leg player umpires be required to wear "closed shoes" rather than "thongs". This requires careful definition. Sandals and slip-ons (e.g. 'crocs') might become a grey area.
    ABM 16-Feb-2018

  2. In Saturday 35 over matches and Sunday 50 over matches, introduce a genuine motivation (i.e. a penalty) for slow over rate in first and second innings.
    If a side bowling first gets behind in over rates, the only problem this causes is that they may get less than the full quota of overs when they bat.
    Here are some ways that this could be improved:
    * Add five runs for every uncompleted over to the score of the team batting first (in a game where the scoring rate is 7 an over this is not an incentive...)
    * Continue the first batting team's innings until complete and then deduct those overs from second batting team's innings. (Seems too harsh.)

    Whatever method is chosen must be easy to implement for player umpired games. (without reliable watches, say)
    How do we cope with the time lost for injury/ lost balls/ bad light/ rain?
    ABM 18-Feb-2018

  3. A recent suggestion (made by a team captain) was to introduce a on-the-spot penalty for failure to provide or setup match equipment (boundary markers, stumps particularly) on time or at all. The penalty would be to concede the toss. So if stumps or cones are not provided by (especially the home team) then the visitors can choose to bat or bowl without tossing a coin.
    Problems might be:
    - determining who is more to blame for cones and stumps not being available. Say there are 5 stumps available between 2 teams. What happens?
    - The Laws of the game about toss of coin might need careful examination. What do the rules say about the coin toss?
    - how will this work for grounds with two stranger teams?
    ABM 19-Mar-2018