Monday, 16 July 2018

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Revised 01-Jul-2018

These issues are still being worked out. (See websites listed). 
03. Align Numbering  
10. Things That Need Fixing in Super 20 Regs  

These issues are ready to present.
01. Forfeits (NOM prepared) 
04. Law 24 and 25 Penalty Time (NOM prepared)
07. New Head Trauma Procedure (NOM prepared)
08. Finals in Sunday 50 Over Comp (NOM prepared)
11. Metal Tipped Stumps (NOM prepared)
12. Super Bonus Point for One Dayers (NOM prepared)
13. Waist High Full Pitch Balls (NOM prepared)
14. Sunday Reg 29 Fitness of Grounds (NOM prepared)
15. Suspension of Law 42 (NOM prepared)
16. Free Hit in Saturday One Dayers (NOM prepared)

QSDCA Management Committee decided to drop these.
02. Team Shirts (DROPPED)
05. Simplify the Limited Over Calculation Sheets (DROPPED)
06. Adjust points for first and second innings wins (DROPPED)
09. Square Leg Player Umpires (DROPPED)
17. Duckworth Lewis Stern Method (DROPPED)
18. Cut Off Time for One Dayers (DROPPED)
19. 12.30pm Start (DROPPED)
20. Replacements for Injured Players (DROPPED)
21. Finals Playing Hours (DROPPED)
22. Make Up Lost Time (DROPPED)

ABM Revised 01-Jul-2018

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