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Finals rules in Sunday 50 Over comp

A slight botchup ensued in 2018 with the Sunday 50 over final.

It was washed out by rain.

When the Management Committee tried to reschedule it for the following Sunday, the leading team objected that this was not allowed under the rules and that the rules said washout equals leading team wins.

The other team who qualified in a lower position on the ladder were naturally keen to play (this at least gave them a sporting chance to win the game).

There were some other issues about members of a team going overseas and an outstanding bill but these are complications not relevant to the discussion of playing regulations.

In the end the Sunday 50 over final was not rescheduled. The leading team were made premiers.


There might be a few holes in the Regulations.
  • Sunday Regulation 27.5 says the *venue* is the Management Committee's choice.  According to the dictionary meaning, "venue" specifically refers to place rather than time. This only relates to allocating the location for the finals and not changing the date.
  • The leading team's argument was that Sunday Regulation 28.1 says "if match is a tie then result is highest on the ladder" so washout means the same outcome. This is a weak argument since the result of the final *was not* a tie. It was match abandoned.
  • Regulation 27.3 about determining placings does not help much since it refers specifically to "semi-finals". 
  • Regulation 28.2 says in any case of dispute the Management Committee gets to decide the outcome of the final(s).

It is possible to argue that QSDCA has there is no explicit regulation that covers the final being abandoned.

From Sunday Warehouse Rules

It must be admitted that these rules were based on the Warehouse Sunday 50 over comp.
They do cover the issue of abandoned finals (see Reg 3(c)).
The wording is interesting.... if 1st place/minor premiers are defeated in a semi final and the final is, say, 2nd v 4th and THEN IT IS abandoned/washed out, then 1st place (aka minor premiers) become premiers..... wow!

Side Note:
  • Just looking at Regulation 15.5 in the Saturday Playing Regulations has given me a shiver too. It doesn't say anything about what happens if grand final is a washout other than Premiers are determined "by points as in regulation 10.29 excluding bonus points".
  • 10.29 says match abandoned = 2 points each... so that wouldn't help decide.
  • Regulation 15.4 establishes a hierarchy based determination of placings (similar to Sunday regulation 27.3) but the term 'placings' implies it's about deciding semi-finalists rather than premiers.
  • Luckily Saturday Regulation 15.6 gives the Management Committee overriding decision authority as in Sunday Regulation 28.2.

Adam Brady has proposed that we add provisions in the 50 over comp playing regulations for:
1)      A reserve day for the final
2)      That the premiership will not be awarded if a club is not financial.
and  proposed to change playing regulation 28.1 to “If the final ends in a tie, is abandoned or there is no result, the highest ranked team of the finalists at the end of the preliminary matches will be determined as the Premiers.”

Some of this might need to be added to Saturday Regs 15 also.

Specific wording to follow.

ABM 2-Mar-2018

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