Sunday, 4 March 2018

Metal Tipped Stumps

Adjust equipment rules to forbid metal parts in stumps.

Some old fashioned stumps have ferrules around the top (metal 'rings') and cone shaped spike covers. All held in place by sharp, little headless tacks.

These have an unsafe habit of detaching unpredictably when hit by the ball. Flying sharp metal parts tend to have a worrying impact. Much safer to avoid the problem by specifying ***all*** wood for stumps.

This is not explicit in the latest edition of the laws of cricket (See Law 8.1 and Appendix D)

There is a provision in the 2017 laws (8.3.4) to allow bails to be attached by strings to the stumps. This is to reduce the risk of flying bails hitting eyes following a tragic incident involving former South African Test wicketkeeper, Mark Boucher.
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But I have yet to see bails of this type in use.

Add a regulation
9.13.1 Stumps and bails will be wholly made of wood.

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