Friday, 15 June 2018


Ready for a NOTICE OF MOTION to be compiled.
ABM 14-Jun-2018


In 2017 the Laws of Cricket underwent a major revision. The new Law 42 Player Conduct introduced some radical new powers for umpires dealing with misbehaviour including yellow card, sin bin and red card sanctions for levels of misbehaviour.

Most cricket associations seem to react to this new Law by ignoring it. Certainly other major QC affiliated Brisbane cricket groups (Premier (Grade) Cricket and Warehouse) did that..

In season 2017/18 QSDCA decided to suspend the new Law 42 and rely instead on the established Code of Behaviour (See Appendix A of QSDCA Playing Regulations). This includes the provisions for reporting players to the Conducts Commission either internal to the QSDCA or the more formal Qld Cricket Conducts Commission.

This season I think we should put a line in the Playing Regulations to formalise this non-acceptance.


This idea is regarded as not controversial in any way.

Add the following Regulation to Saturday Playing Regulation 18.

18.4 Law 42 Player Conduct (2017 Code) will not be used in any competition in this association.

Super 20 Reg 25 and Sunday 50 Reg 30 refer participants in those competitions to Saturday regulation 18 and the Code of Behaviour in Appendix A, Intoxicated player Policy in Appendix B and the Racial and Religious Vilification policy in Appendix C. This covers virtually all reportable behaviour offences for all competitions.

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