Thursday, 3 May 2018

03. Align Numbering in Super 20, Sunday 50, Saturday Regulations.

Management Committee decided to defer this proposal to allow development of a complete Super 20 Regulations Review.
ABM 25-Jun-2018

  • This would be a first step towards integrating the 3 sets of regulations into one book.
  • Many individual regulations have a similar function in each existing set of regulations. But some have different versions of wording. Eg. Reg 1 in Super 20 v Reg 1 in Sat Reg.
  • The aim of this step is to give similar rules in each set of Regulations has the same, familiar number. e.g. Fitness of Grounds is currently Reg 17 on Saturdays, Reg 24 in Super 20 and Reg 29 in Sunday 50 even though it's EXACTLY the same in all competitions.

To be honest this is not really just a tidying up exercise.

 Any rule which is common across each competition e.g most of the player protection regulations (for instance helmets, drinks breaks, junior bowlers) should not be repeated in every version of playing regulations.

Several others (e.g. Player registration) do have subtle differences which might actually benefit from alignment. First we can see what's different and then change things if needed. (An example would be good here.)

I made a start on this and found that it is MUCH more complex than it first appears.

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  1. A fully revised version of Super 20 Regulations is in preparation. When compatible versions of each playing regulations are ready in 2019, then the 3 playing regs can be integrated.
    ABM 1-Jul-2018