Friday, 18 May 2018

18. Something better than cut-off time for One Dayers

QSDCA Management Committee declined to support this (May 2018).
ABM Update 10-Jun-2018
Indooroopilly DCC suggested something to address this problem last year which foundered perhaps due to incomplete understanding of the problem or the lack of an ideal solution.

So let's have another go.

In Saturday 35 over matches and Sunday 50 over matches (limited overs one dayers), the motivation to complete overs before the cut-off time is not big enough.

If a side bowling first gets behind in over rates, the only problem this causes is that they may get less than the full quota of overs when they bat. If the side bowling first is being 'carted' (i.e. lots of runs being scored very quickly) then slowing things down and bowling less overs might be a tactic which advantages the side bowling first.

So the solution must be to introduce a genuine motivation (i.e. a penalty) for slow over rate in first innings. To be fair to both sides in any match such a motivation/penalty should be applied for the second innings too.

Here are some ways that this could be improved:
  1. Run penalty - Add five runs for every uncompleted over to the score of the team batting first (BUT in a game where the scoring rate is 7 an over this is not an incentive...) (The current Super 20 regulations has a rule like this except it's 6 runs an over...)
  2. Time Penalty - Allow the first batting team's innings to continue until complete and then deduct those overs from second batting team's innings. (BUT this seems too harsh and was rejected at 2017 AGM.)
  3. Fines and Susupension Penalty - In ODI's the captain gets fined and suspended (a multistage penalty for repeat offences) (BUT this is unlikely to be accepted at Subbies cricket level.)
  4. Restructure the matches - Assign fewer overs or more time. 
  • Currently the 35 match allows 145 minutes to bowl 35 overs and have 1 drinks break (about 4.14 minutes per over). So change to 30 overs per side from 1pm with a 3.25pm cutoff. (BUT this is less cricket for everyone.)
  • Currently the 50 over match rules allow 195 minutes to bowl 50 overs and take 2 drinks breaks (average 3.9 minutes per over)So change Sunday matches to 200 minutes for 50 overs - start 10am, close and lunch at 1.20pm, restart 1.40pm, finish 5pm.
Whatever method is chosen must be easy to implement for player umpired games. (without reliable watches, say)
How do we cope with the time lost for injury/ lost balls/ bad light/ rain?

Any ideas out there?

Comments below or email please

ABM 2-Mar-2018 

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