Tuesday, 22 May 2018

22. Makeup lost time

QSDCA Management Committee declined to support this (May 2018). 
 ABM Update 10-Jun-2018

  • Makeup time for time lost on day 1.
  • This is an idea in line with modern Test cricket. 
  • Extra playing time is allowed in cases where overs are lost to interruptions such as rain, bad light, injury delay or other reasons.
  • Options are extremely limited. 
  • Extra time on Day 2 is only available before or after regular playing time. 
  • Before will be restricted by junior cricket (as for a 12.30pm start). 
  • After will be limited by light especially in September or March. 
  • Also it will be hard to ensure this is applied equally and fairly for all matches.
  • If extra playing time is allowed for one game and then not for another game this may lead to disputes.
  • Reg 9.17 already says if whole of day 1 is lost then match becomes a limited over One Day match. There's even a provision under certain circumstances to doa new coin toss.

    Realistically, this will only be important when a result is desired i.e. last few rounds before finals... Extra time when the game is petering out to a dull draw would cause a few groans I think!! 

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